My name is Phiwe Lufele and I am a clinical psychologist in private practice. My work is primarily focussed on child and adult populations. I am fluent in English, isiXhosa and isiZulu and I am comfortable conducting therapy in these languages.

The process of initiating therapy can be a daunting one. I hope that the information packaged on this website is able to provide you with what you need to know to make an informed decision, as well as encourage you to contact me should you require the services I offer.

About me

Qualifying as a psychologist has been a life-long ambition and personal dream come true. I often think back to when I decided to pursue a career in this field, and I am in awe of how much this training and my patients have poured into and grown with me. I consider it a great privilege to form part of even a small portion of my patients’ life journey.

I completed my undergraduate and honours degrees at the University of Fort Hare which ignited great passion for my work and the soft sciences. In this institution, I accepted multiple opportunities for volunteer and community work, robust engagement with human social relationships as well as research focused on psychological assessments. I went on to complete a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand which prepared me for the context and lens through which I approach psychotherapy.

I completed my internship at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital first working in an acute adult psychiatric female ward and then at the outpatient Child, Adolescent and Family Unit. Both rotations exposed me to working with psychosis, personality, substance, mood, and anxiety disorders. I gained such rich insights and training in this institution, that I returned there to complete my community
service year. This was spent at the adult outpatient department. Here I was exposed to working with psychosomatic disorders, medical liaison, family therapy, group psychotherapy and many other interventions.

I am a psychodynamically trained therapist with a personal stake in working from an integrated approach that best fits the patient and their needs. I believe in a comprehensive approach to therapy and treatment that is rooted within a patients unique social context.

Services Offered

Individual Therapy

I see individuals for one on one psychotherapy where we endeavour to explore difficulties, conflicts and relational patterns that contribute to challenges in life, work or schooling

Couples Therapy

I see couples for therapy where we explore relational patterns, conflict resolution and stress management techniques that may be helpful and/or unhelpful. Couples therapy presents an opportunity for deeper understanding of yourselves as individuals within a union and your identity as a couple.

Family Therapy

I see families (3+ members) for psychotherapy. Family therapy allows us to explore how the main family system and different subsystems operate. Family therapy allows us to explore any conflicts, difficulties or beliefs that the family may hold. We explore how these contribute to the family’s stressors

Play Therapy

I offer play therapy to children 5 years and above. Here we use play as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to help children with difficulties they may be facing


These services are offered both online and in person. Group and family therapy sessions are charged per person in attendance

 ​One on One Session 


  • 50 Minute 
  • Online or in person

Couples Session 


  • 80 minute 
  • Online or in person

Contact Me

Services are offered both online and in person

+27 78 104 5423 info@phiwelufele.com

24/h Toll-Free Emergency Helplines

SADAG Suicide Crisis Helpline
0800 567 567

DSD Sustance Abuse Helpline
0800 12 13 14

0861 322 322

Akeso Crisis Helpline
0861 435 787

In cases of emergency please present to your nearest casualty for an assessment and possible admission